ENDTIMES MUSIC PRESENTS ... Travelin' With Jesus  
Country Gospel Keyboard, artist David Handy
*  Track #15 CD version has Vocal refrain not represented in this midi .
All tracks on the CD contain the new 60001 session #7 & #8 recordings made in  2006 at ENDTIMES STUDIO.
       Meet The Artist   
ENDTIMES keyboard artist,  David Handy,  is on fire for the LORD,  JESUS,  and it reflects into his music, as well as into
his personal life. He will quickly tell you that his music is a Spiritual Gift from GOD and is to be used to point to JESUS as the Savior.  David has never had music lessons and does not even read music, yet has mastered multiple instruments and even writes Gospel music !   His testimony is that even after suffering a long illness that resulted in a "trach" and ended his singing voice forever in this World,  still the Lord is good to provide our needs and even heal us as HE sees fit.  David is still active musically in spite of his trials,  playing publicly for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and local Churches, and records instrumental Gospel on the ENDTIMES lable.
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Artist David Handy
Gospel Keyboardist David Handy
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Title: Walking With Jesus
       CD is Temporarly Unavailable, as it is being re-formatted