Hi.... My name is David, &  I have a story to tell !  The real truth of the matter is,  we all have a story,  which unfolds as the pages of our lives, good or bad. As a Christian man, I wish to tell mine, and hope it will be a good witness for Jesus, whom I serve, and that it may be good testimony to point to Him as our personal Savior.

         Shared Testimony
Do you believe Jesus is still doing
Miracles in these times ?  I do,  and
My very life is a testimony to the
power of the Holy Spirit. Not just one
time, but twice, that I know of.
After an accident made it hard for me to
move about, I began to gain weight, due to
fact I was not getting proper exercise.
Since my wind pipe was partialy collapsed,
I was not getting enough oxygen into my
body, and I developed C.O.P.D. (Cronic Obstructive
Pulmonary Disease)
Every one thought that I was soon going Home
to be with the Lord, for I was very ill.
Even my doctors didn't feel that there was
much hope for my recovery. I walked with
a cane & was so very weak that I wasn't
able to walk from my house to the car, or
from the car into our Church without
someone bringing me a folding chair at the
mid point. Many of the folks who know me
can remember me leaning against the side
of our church, trying to catch my breath.
         It was impossible for me to get proper
exercise because I was too weak. I just
kept on gaining weight,  which just made
my health worse. I was about 500 lbs and
suffered from congestive heart
failure. In 1996,  I spent 28 days in
intensive care, yet the Lord got me through
those days of trial, of which I have very
little memory of what took place in the hospital.
         In November of 2003,  I again was in the
hospital, this time for intestinal surgery.
The doctors really did not want to do the surgery,
as they felt I was too weak to survive it. They did
agree only because I was not going to make it for long
if they didn't operate. Also, there were other complications with my breathing because I have a C.O.P.D. & a tracheotomy.
I was told that I should expect to be in the
hospital at least 2 or three weeks. While I was in the Hospital,  I presented the Gospel to my doctors & nurses, as well as anyone else I could.  They are undoubtedly still finding some of the tracts I left around my room. This was
the beginning of the second miracle healing that Jesus
did in me. I was able to leave the hospital after
only 3 days,  and I had more strength & energy than
I did when I was admitted. I got into the car on my
own, without any assistance, that is none that was
visible to most folks. I know that the Lord was holding
me up & supplied my strength. That was also when it was
revealed to me that God had work for me to do & that I was
to stop wasting time & get started. This time I listened & obeyed Him. Now I use my Gifts for His glory only !
Even though most folks were sure I wasn't going to make
it, Well, I am here to tell you that Jesus had other
plans for me, for He is the Great Physician.
He did a miracle restoration of my health,
And I am pleased to share it & the good
News about my Savior with everyone I
make contact with. So I won't forget where I had
been, He has left me with a permanent Tracheotomy.
Because of the hole in my neck into my wind pipe, I can
really no longer sing for you, but He has
increased my instrumental music gift. I
never had music lessons, nor do I read
music. What you will hear in my music & on my CDs is
what He gave me to point to Him as the Savior. The
Gift He wants to give you is Everlasting Life. Please
accept His wonderful gift before it is too late. None of us
know when our soul will be required by God & if we die before
we know Jesus as our personal Savior, it will be too late.
                    David Handy, 2004 
                 Country Gospel Keyboardist
                Saved by His precious Blood.  

          Testimony update, November 2006.

I am still lossing weight and am close to what I weighed when I was 28 years old !  The LORD has blessed me with a clean bill of health and a new lease on life !  Now you can see why i shout His praises from the roof tops ! His mercy endureth forever, folks ! ! !  I am a pilgrim here on the Earth, serving my LORD, traveling ever onward toward my Home in the GLORYLAND !  I have been working as a self employed electrician while GOD restored my strength.
I AM NOW 100% recovered and ready to go back into FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT again. Praise the LORD, for HE is WORTHY ! Amen


  Second UPDATE.... FEB. 17th, 2007
               PRAISE GOD, HE is WORTHY !

I am so very Blessed ! Most men my age are thinking about retirement, but i am going back into FULL TIME employment in my trade, in the strength of my LORD. I am up to the challenge of my work, and feel that,without a doubt, I have 20 years of quality output to offer my new employer ! My supervisers are fair, moral, men, and a Christian man from my Church also is working with me. Praise Jesus, and I will shine for Him by working hard & giving the "extra mile" to my employer.

             David R. Handy, servant of JESUS.
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This testimony was last updated on: February 17, 2007